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Re: Equilibrium

>>  K (potassium): 19.5%; Ca (calcium): 8.06%; Mg (magnesium): 2.41%; Fe
>>  (iron): 0.11%; Mn (manganese): 0.06%
>Most tap waters are richer in Ca than Mg. This is not a bad idea to add more
>of the Mg than the Ca IMO.
>>  Guaranteed Analysis
>>  K (potassium): 18.9%; Mg (magnesium): 4.3%; Ca (calcium): 2.7%; Fe
>>  (iron): 0.47%; Mn (manganese): 0.08%
>Note an over 20 fold reduction in Fe. Why was this changed more than the

20 fold? ;-) I get about 4 fold (0.47/0.11). We dropped it a bit to 
keep the powder from turning red over time...  just a cosmetic issue.

-Greg Morin

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