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RE: Flora Base

> Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 17:03:04 -0800
> From: "ascitone" <ascitone at mediaone_net>
> Subject: Flora Base
> has anyome had any experiance with the red sea product
> Flora Base substrate? i am considering tearing down my tank 
> this summer and
> replacing the substrate i curently have a bottom layer :10 
> lbs art clay
> mid layer: 25% top soil
>                25% vermiculite
>                50% play sand
> top layer 100% play sand
>          The reason for the possible tear down would be the 
> mid layer when
> ever I need to remove a plant for pruning
> it makes a real mess, ( clouds water for days ) with the last 
> time giving me
> green water which I have just gotten rid of (at least for 
> now.) just looking
> for different substrate options and came across this product 
> for the first
> time in the "late winter"  Pet Warehouse catalog.
>                                          Thank you ,
>                                                  Chris


To be honest, you can do a very nice planted tank (heavy pruning weekly)
with regular aquarium gravel as long as the size of the gravel promotes
micro-currents between the pieces.  I'm only stating this as some poeple
think that they NEED special things as far as substrate is concerned (ie.
laterite, clay, Flora Base, whatever...).  With only gravel, the mulm that
is mixed up in the water column when uprooting plants is really minimal.  It
clears within a minute or two.  Another nice reason for only gravel is that
it is easy to deal with if you move occasionally (as I do from apartment to
apartment).  This is only one of the many options.  Of course, my assumption
is that the rest of your water chemistry is adjusted to be optimal (ie.
nutrients, hardness, pH, etc.).

Mark P.