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Re: ID of pest plant

--- Chuck Gadd <cgadd at cfxc_com> wrote:
> Najas graminea!   At least that's what I was told it
> was when I got some in
> a trade.   Took months and months to rid myself of
> it, and I think there is
> still a little bit hiding in the 29g.

Thanks for the ID.  That and dark, non-floating riccia
(that loves my java moss) are the bane of my
existence.  Trading plants is sort of a white-elephant
enterprise.  I've gotten all kinds of things
(stowaways), including a type of hairgrass that I have
learned to accept, if not like.  It's like STDs.  So
if you are going to trade, please use protection! 
Let's stop the contagion.  :)

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