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Re: filtration questions

 If you want a cheap alternative to floss pads, you can
 use polyester quilt batting from the fabric department
 at Walmart. One or two layers does a great job of
 removing particulates.
Can you also use Polyfil?  (that's the fluffy stuffing)  Also, I just got my 
Fluval 304 canister filter, and it would seem the instructions don't answer 
all the questions I have.
If the intake is at the back of the tank, and the gravel slopes to the front, 
does the intake still do a good job?  Do you want to try to slope your gravel 
towards the intake?
Do most folks put their intake/outflow thingy in the center of the tank, or 
in a corner?
How do you arrange your filter baskets, with what inside?  I noticed it said 
carbon pulled fertilizers out of the water, but it sure came with lots of 
carbon!  So do I use it?
Do I just rubberband the airstone from my DIY CO2 right on to the intake?  
How should I rig it?
What else do I need to know to get the best use out of my new canister filter?
Since I am going to be taking out my UGF, what good thing can I use my 
powerhead for?  I saw plans for a filter in a one liter bottle with lava 
rocks inside it, and a powerhead on top, but I didn't quite understand the 
directions.  Maybe that?
Is there such a thing as too much filtration?  I got the 304 for my 38 gallon 

Thanks ahead of time, 
Catherine, Queen Newbie