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CO2 Diffuser

Hi everybody,
after lurking for over a year, a big compliment to all
active participants on this list!

I am remember an artikel a while ago about difusing CO2
through an atomizer in the tank.
The author mentioned that as soon as CO2 has left the
diffuser (atomizer) it is already dissolved in the water !?!
What we see with our eyes , the tiny bubbles, are
containing nothing less then a mix of oxigen and other dissolved gases.
As soon as the CO2 bubble gets in contact with H2O, other
dissolved gases in the water colum getting sucked into the
CO2 bubble, pressing it out and taking the place of the CO2 and
therefore right away
in contact with water.
What then is 'bubbling' and reaches the surfaces of our tanks
is nothing more then a mix of dissolved gases,
but not CO2 ?!?
Well, I guess it depends on the distance?

Any thoughts on this one ?

bubbling away in
Huntington Beach, CA