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Brown Plants

I've just gotten back into aquariums after 20 years and I'm faced with a
problem I hope you can help with.  I have setup a new 55gal tank with
Flourite substrate and a RFUG (using a PVC piping grid under the substrate).
I have planted the tank with Vallisneria (Italian and Corkscrew), Amazon and
Melon Sword, Fountain Saggitaria, Water Wisteria, Moneywort, and I believe
Ambulia.  The pH is 7.0, kH is 54 (3 deg), gH is 125 (7 deg), no nitrites,
nitrates, or ammonia.  Water temp is 80 deg.  I have the standard lighting
that came with the tank and leave them on about 16 hours a day.  I have only
recently added some Albino Cory's (and lost a couple after several days) and
the tank has not cycled yet.  The plant growth is amazing, however, some of
the new growth is reddish-brown and some of the mature foliage is turning
the same reddish-brown.  I assume I have a deficiency but have no idea what
it might be.  Perhaps you have some suggestions.  If I need to fertilize,
what do you recommend (preferably something in a liquid form)?  Thanks for
your help.   Bob W.