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Re: Ca and Mg levels with RO water

> From: Jay Reeves <jbreeves at isd_net>
> Subject: Ca and Mg levels with RO water
> What are people using RO water remineralizing and increasing KH  with?

	I just use a mixture of my well water with RO water.

> I have been using Kent RO Right to remineralize and Kent pH Stable to
> add KH.  Probably not a problem with the RO Right, however, pH Stable
> contains carbonic acid monosodium salts.

	In other words, sodium bicarbonate, which is baking soda.

>  I have been adding baking soda
> as well to get to 3-4 KH.

	Same stuff, but a lot less expensive!

>  I am guessing the Kent pH stable "locks in" a pH
> value - time of day and Co2 amounts don't seem to affect pH.

	If it does also have some buffer system other than bicarbonate/CO2
then your KH readings are meaningless (too high).

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada