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Canister filter as a reactor - was Re: Aquatic Plant Digest V4 #809

Chris Schmelzer Wrote: 

> I don't understand how the canister diffusion technique is LESS efficient
> than a diffusor... If you really think about it, it is actually MORE
> efficient and probably the same as a reactor (at least in my setup).. I
> bubble my CO2 (pressurized, regulator, needle valve, bubble counter, then
> into the intake of my Eheim) and I RARELY get a belch from my spray bar
> (submerged).

> What does this mean?  Almost ALL the CO2 put into the Eheim ends up in the
> water, which equates to close to 100% efficiency, MUCH better than a
> diffusor in which a significant percentage of bubbles make it to the
> surface undissolved...

What size is your tank Chris? If I remember correctly, the original
poster had a 100 gallon. IME, using a canister filter as a reactor works
fine on tanks up to 55 gallons. When I moved up to a 125 gallon, with a
corresponding move up in filter size, the filter couldn't handle the
increased amount of CO2. It would either burp on a regular basis, or
"vapor lock" and lose prime. Some people on the list, myself included,
shoot for a reduction in ph of .6. Every time I build a new reactor, or
tweak an existing one, I have to reduce the bubble rate to maintain the
.6 drop. To me, that is the true indication of efficiency, the same drop
in ph using less CO2. And as usual, YMMV.

Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl