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Re: dusty water

Hi Chris and APD,

I have a similar setup. Two things helped me. I wrap some 100micron filter
pad (thin) around the prefilter sponge. It will need cleaning about every
three days. I keep one fresh and soak the dirty one in chlorox overnight.
Be sure to rinse well and soak in some dechlorinator afterwards. Do not
make it much higher than the water level in the back compartment of your
prefilter because if it gets too clogged it will cause that level to rise
which will also raise the level in your tank. I also use a big sponge
filter in my sump just before the return pump. It is situated so that all
water must go through it. This gets cleaned every few weeks. Doing these
two things my tank is quite clear.

Any one out there have have thoughts about keeping bioballs in the sump. I
have them in there now but am wondering if they help or hurt. My guess is
that I do not really need the bio-filtration.



>Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 21:28:48 EST
>From: Yodac76 at aol_com
>Subject: dusty water
>This is a question for all of you out there that use a wet dry filter.  I 
>have a 100 gal tank and i am using an amiracle wet dry for filtration.  The 
>problem i have is that while the water seems clean and clear there is
still a 
>signifcant amount of, for lack of a better word, dust floating around.  So 
>what i was wondering is what do you seasoned wet dry users use in your
>or in conjunction with the wet dry to get near perfectly clean water.  Right 
>now i am just using the foam and prefilter material that came with filter.  
>Thanks for everyones input in advance
>        Chris

Paul Mouritsen
Network Analyst
Holy Cross Hospital
Silver Spring, Maryland

mourip @ holycrosshealth. org