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A little hello !

Hi all I dont know if you remember me but I was part of this group about a
year ago.  I was very new to planted aquaria then (and I guess I still am)
but through your combined knowledge I ended up doing something right and the
tank I setup became a jungle (a neglected jungle seeing I was so busy) Now I
have made a new bigger tank (now I have much more spare time!) and stand and
this time my aim is to not just have a jungle of plants but have something
that is very asthetically pleasing to look at. At the moment I only have the
substrate (laterite/gravel) a heater a small powerhead and water in it.
Going to set up the lighting soon (4 flouro's) and hopefully plant it :)))
and transfer my eheim cannister accross from my other tank.

I look foward to hearing from all of you and learning more and more
Thanks !

Jon Hammond