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Re: Fish?

> Seems to be growing a lot of my plants (chiefly
> swords and val, and some unidentified lily-types) well, but I can't keep
> microsword or chain sword alive long enough for it to have the same luck.  I
> can always have nice carpets of the stuff in my dreams. :) Maybe it's the
> hardness, although maybe not if Tom Barr can grow tanks like his with
> 410-440 ppm hardness!  You have FISH in those tanks, Tom? :)

Yes I do. Some hitched a ride on a plant like a small cory cat that appeared
not long ago. Featherfins, SAE's, shrimps, cory's, AF cichlids, pleco's,
eyeing some neat new blood tetra's, rummy noses, Otto cats etc.
Looking to add some more fish too. I'm finally quite conservative, slow to
move and picky on the fish I add to a tank. Fish Nirvana has been achieved:)
Hardness is certainly not the issue for any sword plant. Look elsewhere for
a solution.
Tom Barr