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RE: pH Monitor

The main thing to keep a pH probe working well is to keep it wet and not 
allow it to dry out, and to clean it when you calibrate the meter. They seem 
to wear out slowly. I talked with the tech guys at Hanna Instruments when I 
was trying to locate some pH wash solution, and they said to use Lemon juice 
from the supermarket to clean the probe (very acid). I also use a soft 
bristle plastic model type paint brush to get to the more inaccessible areas 
of the probe. A 5 minute soak in the juice, then a gentle cleaning with the 
brush and a good rinse before calibration seems to work well for me.

The only times I have had problems with pH probes is when they are dried out 
when you receive them. When new, they usually either work really well or 
really poorly. Not much  in-between.