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Equilibrium, Ca and Mg levels

Steve wrote:
>I believe that
>Paul has said that high concentration of Mg can impede uptake of Ca and
>possibly of other nutrients.
     That reminds me, I've noticed that Seachem's Equilibrium has an odd
ratio of Ca to Mg. The guaranteed analysis below indicates a Ca to Mg
ratio of 1 : 1.6.  If used to reconstitute distilled or RO water, the
resulting Mg level would be almost 2 times the Ca level.   Has anyone
experienced Ca deficiency symptoms when using Equilibrium? 

Guaranteed Analysis
K (potassium): 18.9%; Mg (magnesium): 4.3%; Ca (calcium): 2.7%; Fe
(iron): 0.47%; Mn (manganese): 0.08% 

     I asked Seachem about this, and was only told that  "the extra Mg is
thrown in because magnesium is more important for photosythesis."  I
wonder just how high the
Mg level must be (with respect to the Ca level) before it causes any
problems.  I know that Jamie Johnson shoots for around a  2 : 1 ratio of
Ca to Mg when reconstituing his RO water, with no problems reported.  I
have always been satisfied with Seachem
products, and I particularly like the fact that they provide a guaranteed
analysis at their website.  Maybe following this ratio stuff isn't quite
so critical after all?


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