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Re: pH monitor

As a follow up, Andrew Bolling wrote to me about a method that might be
able to rejuvenate my old pH probe.   The probe had been stored and
shipped to me dry.   At the time, the readings were jumping .2 or .3
pH points.   I followed Andrews advice (soak in an acid solution, then
soak in a saturated potassium solution), and the probe readings stabilized,
moving about 0.05 up and down.   I just calibrated the probe today, and it
calibrated fine, and seems to be reading perfectly.   (The readings match
the values of my test kits).

I'll have to see how the long-term stability of the probe is.  I'll
keep a careful eye on the readings for the next month or two.   I'll
plan on getting a new probe if the readings go bad again soon.

Chuck Gadd