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Re: Phosphate test kit

> Could someone recommend one?

You will be hard pressed to find one superior to the Seachem. It's a dandy.
>  also, I'd be interested in hearing what people thought about the various
>  phosphate absorption products (pillows, mats, solutions, etc ) that are on
>  the market, and wheather they're appropriate for planted tanks or not.

This question came up a couple of weeks ago, and everyone had a different 
answer.  All the phosphate absorbing products made from "white granules" are 
aluminum oxide.  All the products with "black powder" are using iron oxide.  
I like the Phos-Zorb pillow (white granules) simply because it comes in a 
ready-to-go pouch.  Plants also absorb phosphate, so a sturdy stand of 
growing plants should remove any phosphate you might have in the water.