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CO2 Reactor Choices


The way you are injecting your CO2 now is more than adequate.  If you do not
see bubbles from your Eheim return then you have extra capacity anyway.  A
dedicated reactor would not improve on that at all.

I look at dedicated reactors as just one more component that can fail.
Early in my CO2 experimentation days I had the CO2 line from a reactor come
off at the valve end.  The pressure in the reactor forced water through the
tube and dumped several gallons of water on our new carpet.
(Note.  When the wife is unhappy, I am unhappy!)  
The quick fix was a check valve inside the tank before the reactor.  The
real fix was to inject CO2 at the intake of the filter.

Lyndle Schenck

>Hi everyone,
>I am currently injecting CO2 into the intake strainer of an Eheim 2217 in a

>125 gallon planted tank. This method seems to work pretty well, but I'd be 
>the first to say it probably is not the most efficient method (anecdotal 
>observation). I was thinking of trying an inside or outside tank type
>to see if this was more efficient. I chose canister injection primarily to 
>lessen visible equipment inside the tank. I know CO2 is cheap, but would
>to try a more efficient method. Or am I wrong in thinking that canister 
>injection is rather inefficient? Any recommendations for of the shelf 
>reactors would be appreciated. In-tank or external is fine. I am going to 
>stay away from DIY at this time.
>The other Dave G