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Re:Filter questions, problems, and general dissatisfaction

For a long time I was a strong advocate of Aquaclear filters until I put an 
Eheim 2226 on my 90.  This filters redefines "quiet".  I just re-setup my 
55 with an Aquaclear 500 I took off the 90.  My intention was to run it in 
its reduced flow setting.  It's making a lot of noise but that may be 
because there's no filter media of any type in it yet.  I don't see the 
Aquaclear as being the long term filter for this tank.  I'm seriously 
considering an Ehiem suitable for that size tank.  The Eheims are more 
expensive but the advantages are quiet motors, I like the spray bar return 
BELOW the surface and the time between maintenances is considerably longer.