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Re: NO3

> A quick question on nitrate contribution to algae.
> I am looking for a target level to keep algae away.
> Thanks

It depends on one's tank and it's N consumption rate...Some folks want a Fe
limited tank or a P limited tank. You can have a higher NO3 then.
Some folks like a more N limited tank with lots of Fe and P. All three
individually can limit algae is the point. Pick your poison:)

So you need to notice that there is a balance for everyone's tank. As far as
a general range -10ppm or less is decent for most folks. Typical range might
be 5-10ppm. I have less personally. About 1-5ppm is my range. Fish food can
make up for some of the lower ranges for a source of N additionally.
Watching your plants for signs of a deficiency is always a good rule as
well. Good kits will help also. Don't use something like a tetra kit for
NO3, use a Lamott etc.
Tom Barr