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Re: Filter Problems and General dissatisfaction

I have two magnum 350's on my 90 and they work great. One for water
polishing, and one for circulation and CO-2 injection-
To get the air out after cleaning, drill a small hole in the top of the
canister, plug it with a rubber cork(size is up to you). When there is air
in the filter- turn it off- tilt it on it's side so that the air bubble is
near the cork- pull the cork out slightly (slightly or you'll head a small
to big spray of water depending on the pressure head)  to let the air out
and replug- as for getting rid of plant bits- use a siphon hose to suck them
off before you turn the filter off- and for the rest- . . pitfalls of
aquarium keeping- I have been tweeking and adjusting things for years- that
is why this is a hobby :)

Cory Williamson