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Re: Reactors vs diffusors

On Sun, 28 Jan 2001, Robert H wrote:

> I would like to hear from people what the differences are between reactors
> and diffusors...(those that release a fine mist of bubbles).
> Do reactors saturate the water more with CO2 than diffusors? 

yes, definitely.

> To what extent?

100% dissolution in water, as opposed to the bubbles, many of which escape
out the top of the tank before even dissolving.

> Is CO2 that is mixed with water before being released into the aquarium more
> stable? Anotherwords does CO2 from a diffusor burn off somehow quicker? What
> role does circulation in the tank play?

I don't think that there is any difference between the two methods ONCE
the CO2 is actually dissolved in the water.  The problem is simply that
diffusors let gas escape out the tank before it is dissolved to begin
with, while reactors trap the gas in a sealed chamber until it dissolves
in the water.

> What are the advantages or disadvantages of either method?

Bottle + Regulator + needle valve + reactor
PRO can be 100% efficient, fast dissolving, little cleaning required
CON bulky and/or external, requires water flow, bubble counter
May be cheaper, or more expensive... Pro or Con?

Bottle + Reg + Glass diffuser 
PRO simple, not intrusive in tank, self-contained
CON dumping problem, algae build-up, difficult to adjust, inefficient

Bottle + Reg + powerhead/canister diffusion
PRO easy, works with existing hardware, no dump problem
CON even less efficient than diffusor

inverted bell
PRO simple, can be efficient, fairly safe (vents excess out bottom)
CON bulky and ugly, and inefficient RATE of dissolving

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com