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Stumped and Stunted

Good day all,

I am hoping that someone might help me out with some difficulty- About six
months ago I moved from an area with softwater (Vancouver BC) an area with
moderately hard water (Prince George,BC). All the rules have apparently
changed and where I previously had wild success growing my plants, I am now
stumped and most of my plants are stunted. My 90 gallon tank has a moderate
fish load, weekly water changes of about 20-25% (75% tapwater 25% DI- to
achieve a GH of 5 and KH of 3), I use continuous CO2 injection (15 ppm), 2.5
watts full spectrum fluorescent per gallon, nitrates have been around 10
mg/l, I use PMDD (original recipe- without nitrate) about 2 ml per day to
achieve a little less than 0.1 mg/L, Phosphorus is less than 0.05.  My H.
polysperma is growing moderately slowly (bi-weekly trimmings), however
everything else  (Rotala, Java Fern, Crypts, even water sprite, Vals, and E.
tenellus) are languishing. Particularly puzzling is the rotala- multiple
little deformed buds appear at the shoot tips- without growth.
The only thing I can think of is that I am lacking a macronutirent- Is it
possible that my GH is not what I think it is-

Thanks for any suggestions- I had a look through the archives without
finding anything definitive.

Cory Williamson

Cory Williamson

7800 Thompson Drive
Prince George, BC  V2N 5N5
E-mail: bulltrout at look_ca
Phone: 250-964-3973