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Re: Color temperature and growth patterns

I wrote: "This way you are seeing things through the 6700K
light, which is crisper, but the plants get mostly
5500K light, which encourages denser growth."

Cavan wrote: "I would have thought it to be the opposite.  Doesn't
the extra blue in the 6700 keep growth more compact?"

I went looking for reputable sources to back up my statement, but was unable
to readily find them. There is this at
www.dennerle.de/ENGLISCH/e_frameset.htm  "And it has been verified that
aquarium plants in greenhouses and also in aquariums thrive on a spectrum
with a low to medium blue content, a medium yellow-green content and a
considerably increased red content. This is a phenomenon which has been
confirmed by various specialist authors."

Now "thrive" and "denser" are two different things I admit, but I swear I've
read that red promotes denser growth. Which would seem to make sense,
because if the plants in the wild start out in deep water, they will grow
long to reach the surface.