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Re: Tinfoil Barbs

> Speaking of tinfoil barbs, I know they can get quite large...  Some books
> say 13 inches or so, but does this happen in an aquarium as opposed to
> native waters?  I know several species are classified as growing to
> sizes, but never actually get that big in an aquarium.  Anyone ever see a
> inch tinfoil barb?

Yes.  In the National Aquarium in DC (really crappy aquarium, don't bother
if you have to make a trip there - go to Baltiomore instead) They are in a
pretty large tank, but not as large as they should have been, and the fish
were aging, but definately in the 1 foot+ size range.  I'd even say some
were even over 13"...

Derek Johnson
djohnson1981 at yahoo_com