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Re: Side Light

John Godbey at godbey at direcpc_com wrote:

> Does anyone light their aquarium from the sides, or back?  I have a very low
> tech aquarium whose only light is sunlight through a glass door.  Some of
> the plants seem to do quite well, and it has made me wonder about the effect
> of side light on my other aquarium.  In particular I'm wondering if some of
> the stem plant wouldn't have better color all the way to the substrate.

The left end of my aquarium faces a large southwest-facing picture window.
Sunlight shines in the aquarium in the afternoon, particularly in the winter
when the trees have no leaves and the sun's arc is lower. The plants on the
left side definitely grow much faster, and I have to avoid low-light plants
like crypts on that side.

Dan Dixon