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Snails eating Hydra?

Hi Tom;
You made me get up and search for the reference that turned me on to the
method. Found it in a great book "All About Tropical Fish", written by Derek
and Geoffrey Gerard, published in England.

I have used this method before over many years. Interesting though, they
Limnaea stagnalis rather than the pond snail Physa which I have.
Anyway, the latest infestation I had was in a tank with adult A. australe
and a few
shrimp. It was absolutely loaded with hydra and the only snail was several
I took 2 dozen pond snails from another tank, dumped them in and I now have
maybe 10%

As this has worked for me in years past, I decided to try it again. But you
are right, other
factors that I am not aware of could have accomplished the same thing. The
only thing that
leads me to believe is that the Hydra were in the tank unmolested and in
great numbers for weeks.
They are only now declining, and the only change was the addition of the

Kent Carpenter
Rochester, NY