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Re:Re: CO2 Reactor Choices

> The other Dave G wrote: <selective sniping>
> > I was thinking of trying an inside or outside tank type reactor to  
> > see if this was more efficient. I chose canister injection primarily  
> > to lessen visible equipment inside the tank. I know CO2 is cheap, but 
> > would like to try a more efficient method. Any recommendations for  
> > off the shelf reactors would be appreciated. In-tank or external is  
> > fine. I am going to stay away from DIY at this time.
> Dave,
> A well designed reactor is the most efficient way of getting CO2 into
> solution that I know of. If I were to purchase one, there's only two
> that I would consider. For "in" tank, it would be Tom Barr's. It's all
> clear acrylic and has a couple of features you won't find elsewhere. Our
> boy Dwight was/is selling them (couldn't find it on his web page). For
> "external" use, the only one I know of is made by Hydrologix. Bob
> Buettner has been using one since Nov., and seems to be pleased with it
> (I'm sure he'll chime in).

I'm here....
The Hydrologix Reactor has worked out very well. The only drawback I've found is that the chamber is clear and the place I have to put it gets a little sunlight every day..so to avoid algae build up I've covered it up. I experimented with a lot of different methods over a 2 year period , all of which had different drawbacks. My goal is to be as maintainence free as possible and the HydroLogix has accomplished this goal very nicely for me in the CO2 injection department.
Bob Buettner
From NW CT
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