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Re: CO2 Reactor Choices

>Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 16:42:17 EST
>From: Dgrim62 at cs_com

>I am currently injecting CO2 into the intake strainer of an Eheim 2217 in a
>125 gallon planted tank. This method seems to work pretty well, but I'd be
>the first to say it probably is not the most efficient method (anecdotal
>observation). I was thinking of trying an inside or outside tank type
>to see if this was more efficient.

There are two measures of efficiency. If you are not losing any CO2 (large
bubbles coming out of the filter outlet and going to the surface), the
canister reactor is very efficient. You can't ask for anything else. The
other measure is hwo much CO2 can be dissolved per unit time. The Dupla
Reactor "S" is very good at that; perhaps way too good for a manual system.
I see nothing wrong with the canister filter reactor unless you aren;t
getting a fast enough diffusion rate (you can't get enough CO2 in the water)
or you are losing some.

George Booth in Ft. Collins, CO (booth at frii dot com)
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