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Re: Your suggestions for lighting please

Tim  asked about lighting: "Assuming 225 watts is my target I could
get close to that with 4 55w compact
fluorescents. I could also do 2 96w CFs plus a 28w CF."

I'd go with the 4x55 CF for full coverage. I have 3x96 over a 90 gallon, but
I sectioned off one end of the tank for a sump, so the working length of the
show portion of the tank is only 42". The 36" lamps work nicely. I think
they would work over a 48" long tank as well, but haven't tried it. If you
do the 96's I wouldn't worry about the extra 28w, it will just complicate
your hood.

I use two timers instead of dimmers. The center 5500K lamp and the fan comes
on first. I use power strips and a multi-outlet plug adapter to do this.
Then the other two lamps come on by a separate timer, and later turn off
before the center lamp and fan. The front lamp is a 6700K and the rear lamp
is a 5500K. This way you are seeing things through the 6700K light, which is
crisper, but the plants get mostly 5500K light, which encourages denser

Buy the light kits at AH Supply, the other hardware at Home Despot.

Tom Wood
Austin, Texas, ya'll