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Re: Snails eating hydra?

> As mentioned in an earlier post, the safest way to rid yourself of hydra is
> to introduce pond snails. They will do the job, the downside is it takes
> quite awhile, and you will find it difficult to rid yourself of the snails
> if they are not wanted.
> As mentioned by many, it really is not an issue if there are no fry in the
> tank.
> Kent Carpenter
> Rochester, NY
I cannot say I've seen any decrease due to a snail population in any tank
that has had both Hydra and snails(4 species total including two species of
pond snail(Pysa) ). Fish will eat them but snails, no. Perhaps a big Apple
snail may...
The snails are in very high density and so are the hydra. Been that way for
6 months. Someone's not doing their duty in my tank then:) Perhaps
personality preferences in snails? I doubt that would be a reason. Do you
have any fish in the tanks as well? If you do, I'd look for them doing to do
the eating of the hydra. Sometimes the hydra starve or some other thing
might cause their death/decline.
I don't have fish in two of the tanks. Shrimps and snails but no fish. Hydra
thrives. I've watched them cruise by some hydra and as soon as they get near
the stingers they pull away from the hydra. I say they don't do much to
hydra... if anything. They seem to avoid each other. I can say they will not
eradicate the hydra in any tank I've seen due to predation by snails and I
have lots of snails.
Tom Barr