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Re: Your suggestions for lighting please

Tim wrote:
I'm intrigued by the idea of dimming because I can't imagine that it is all
that good for fish (maybe plants, too) to have to instantaneously transition
from darkness to full mid-day sun and vice versa. Is this of any practical
concern? As far as I know neither CFs or MHs are presently available in
dimmable forms.

I comment:
Perhaps, if you go with the CF option, you could put each light on different
timer (or, just have two timers with two lights on each). Then, you could
set them to turn on at different times. For example, if lights A & B come on
at 8 AM, then C & D could turn on at 9 AM. Likewise, A & B could turn off at
8 PM, while C & D would go off at 9 PM.

Josh Liechty
jliechty at custom dot net