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Re:Dancing with Algae

As Tom Barr reminds us, algae is always with us. Balance is the name 
of this dance, not eradication. For a few months I have been using 
Flora APM by Aquarium Landscapes; it's a barley straw extract which 
pondkeepers may know about. I've been very impressed with its ability 
to supress algae outbreaks. Nothing substitutes for proper nutrient 
balance, of course, but this is good stuff, especially for newly 
set-up tanks. It looks a bit pricey, but it's really not because the 
dose you use is small, 1 ml./10 gallons every two weeks. It's 
available in three sizes from two list regulars: Robert Paul H. at 
Aqua-Botanics and Dwight Chang at Florida Driftwood. And no, neither 
offered me a deal.

John Caddy
Self Expressing Earth (SEE) <http://cgee.hamline.edu/see>
Center for Global Environmental Education
Hamline University