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Re: tinfoil barbs, speaking of which...

Matt Wrote:

<<Speaking of tinfoil barbs, I know they can get quite large...  Some books
say 13 inches or so, but does this happen in an aquarium as opposed to their
native waters?  I know several species are classified as growing to enormous
sizes, but never actually get that big in an aquarium.  Anyone ever see a 13
inch tinfoil barb?  I have heard they are plant eaters, but I havn't seen
any evidence one way or another.  And does anyone know if they are smaller
fish friendly?>>

A friend of mine has a tinfoil barb close to 12 inches in a 125gal tank with Koi.
They are, in fact plant eaters, or at least this one will eat plants. I frequently
provide my friend with plant cuttings for the Koi and have observed the large
tinfoil barb join in on the feast. As far as being smaller fish friendly, I would
suspect that given this one's size, any fish able to fit in its mouth would be
eaten in short order.

Finally, I have something unique to contribute to this list.  :)

Phil Behrends
Colorado Springs, Colorado