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Re: What critters eat green spot algae?

Catherine <CDELAHUNT at aol_com> wrote:
> Subject: Re: What critters eat green spot algae?
> A quick question, what eats green spot algae?  Snails? Some fish I don't know 
> about?  My tank is growing a lot of it and I am getting tired of scraping the 
> glass.

Catherine, MTSs and Ramshorn snails may help a little, but I don't 
know of any fish that do a good enough job to endorse. 

I've found high light areas and lots of nutrients will grow a nice 
carpet of green-spot. Everything I've ever owned cruices right over it 
and I'm left to try to clean it out. I think glass scraping is a 
necessary part of the hobby, especially if you want to enjoy a 
crystal-clear view of you plants and fish. I do it once a week, need 
it not. The anubia leaves get clipped after they carpeted, also. 
Keep up with the water changes and keep the nutrients in balance, 
and that's about all you can do, other than cutting back on some 

Jamie    <"\\\><