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Re: African and plants

George <gdeihs at juno_com> wrote:
>         This is my first post. I've been on the list for about 6 months
> now, just reading and learning. I've got a hi-tech planted 65, my first
> planted tank, with S.Americans. Our city water is hard and has a PH a
> little over 8. I finally succumbed and bought some African shell
> dwellers. No more fighting with the water.
>         My question: From what I've read so far on this list, and correct
> me if I'm wrong, most plants should do just fine in this water. Most of
> the African guys don't recommend keeping plants. Could be the fish
> behavior or is it they just don't put the effort in that the plants
> require, mainly the CO2. I was thinking of a tank with mainly anubias and
> the smaller shell dwellers.

George, my African cichlid tank has Java ferns, Java moss, 
bolbitis, vals, and several types of anubias. Parameters are: 10-
12dH, 16-18 dK, pH 8.3, no CO2 (it kills the high pH which we 
desire), and plain ol' mulmy gravel. BBA, brown, and greenspot 
also seem to be growing good. The algae mostly grows on the 
older leaves and rocks, but it also gives an African cichlid tank 
character. Plus, they seem to like picking at it. I'm with you, if you 
can't beat 'em, make the most of what you have. One thing though, 
since you're changing the plant load and level, I asume, keep the 
nutrients down. The ferns and anubias don't grow fast and the 
nutrients will start to accumulate. Stay on those water changes. 
Good luck.

Jamie    <"\\\><
Greenwood, SC