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RE: BBA, Africans and plants, & Green-spot algae critters.

> Subject: RE: BBA

What kind of Algae is BBA an acronym for?  Black-Beard-Algae?  Haven't heard
this acronym before.  I've been of the list for a number of years.

> --snip--
>Most of
> the African guys don't recommend keeping plants. Could be the fish
> behavior or is it they just don't put the effort in that the plants
> require, mainly the CO2. I was thinking of a tank with mainly 
> anubias and
> the smaller shell dwellers.
> Thanks
> George Deihs


	I'm not sure why, but I think you're right that they don't want to
bother.  I've kept plants with all my fish, including my Africans.  My
Julies love the plants.  My N. multifaciatus (sp?) could care less, but the
plants still look good in their tank.  My opinion... do the plants.  Anubias
should be fine.

> Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 23:39:10 EST
> From: CDELAHUNT at aol_com
> Subject: Re: What critters eat green spot algae?
> A quick question, what eats green spot algae?  Snails? Some 
> fish I don't know 
> about?  My tank is growing a lot of it and I am getting tired 
> of scraping the 
> glass.
> Thanks, 
> Catherine


I might be beating a dead-horse here, but your nutrients are out-of-wack.
Make an adjustment, and your algae will go away... no scraping, no extra
bio-load critters.  But alternately, I think I had some rosy barbs that ate
algae.  You could also try mollies and platys.

Mark Pearlscott
pearlscottm at moslerinc_com