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Warning with Hagen Phosphate test kits.

I'v had problem with the kits failing (stopped giving any reading) a couple
of times and wrote Hagen about it.
They were very good, ask me to send over my failed kit and sent me a
replacement kit plus some other stuff.

Well the replacement kit died also.  I talked to them again and got this

<<Effectively, we've found that we had a stability problem with the reagent
#3.  We had to change our packaging, now the reagent #3 is packed in a glass
bottle.  This reagent was unstable in a plastic bottle.  Now the problem is

So if you buy one of their Phosphate test kits make sure it has a glass
bottle, if you already have one don't worry about using it up quickly (mine
failed even though it had 3 years to go on the EXP date).
Only the Phosphate kits are effected.