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Fish gasping at the surface may be from excess CO2, not low O2. You finally
have enough CO2 and that's why the BBA is in remission. Bad CO2 values are
why many, if not most, folks have bad algae problems. This is almost always
the case with BBA and many other algae. It hangs on for a long time but if
you keep your CO2 level in a good range, BBA is seldom a problem ever. It
grows fine at any light K temperature as well from 3000-8000K, lots of P04,
little P04 etc. CO2, not light, is the primary factor.
Keep the CO2 in a good range and add SAE's and you will not have BBA.
I was a good grower of BBA for sometime in the past. I have not had hide nor
hair of it since. Lighting has been all over and so have nutrients but my
CO2 is still the same. No BBA.
Tom Barr