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dh and snails

Hello, I have a tank in which the dh is 3.  The snails in this tank develop 
whitish deposits on their shells which then become clear and then the snail 
dies.  Is this because of lack of hardness in the water?  I would like to add 
some algae eating shrimp if I can ever find them but I am afraid the same 
thing would happen to them.  My other tank has a dh of 5 and the snails do 
fine.  How low of a dh can snails and shrimp take?  I love apistos and so I 
want to keep my water soft.  Also with a dh of 3 my Ph is 7.5 and I have been 
unsuccessful at lowering it.  Any ideas what might cause this?  If I were to 
lower the Ph of my 15 percent water changes, would that lower the overall ph 
slowly enough to keep from shocking my fish?  Thanks, Teresa