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Re: CF lights and ph probe interference

> Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 00:23:17 -0800
> From: John Stark <starkj at pacbell_net>
> Subject: CF lights and ph probe interference
> Hello All,
> I have lurked a long long time to finally ask a non-plant related question,
> but here it goes:
> I cannot use my PinPoint pH meter at the same time my CF lights are on - the
> readings jump all over the place, sometimes into negative numbers!  I
> understand it is interference from the ballast (mounted in the hood in
> between the lights), but I am at a loss as to how to avoid the problem.   I
> have even considered getting a small wet/dry to place the pH probe in the
> sump!  Of course, this is only a 30G aquarium (X-tall), and a wet dry is
> likely overkill.
> Has anyone solved this problem, any solutions that do not require
> dismantling the hood?

I may not solve the problem, John, but here are some easy things to

Be sure the ballast case is grounded to the third (green) wire on the
incoming power cord. Don't run any CF electronic ballast without a good
ground. Don't use cheater plugs that leave the third wire disconnected.

Don't run the hood cord near the probe leads.

Install a ground probe to the tank water, if the Pinpoint didn't come with

Plug the hood into one of those power strips with a filter built in, and
plug the Pinpoint in elsewhere. [Be sure it is properly grounded, too.]

If none of those work, you may have serious rework ahead.


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