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Getting Rid of BBA Test #2

A few of you might remember a few months back about my BBA testing and
incandescent lighting.  Well, I did another test concerning BBA, but this
time, it was in my community tank without a lot of surface movement.  In the
other 2 tests I either had very little surface movement, or no surface
movement at all and the BBA died rather quickly.

So now it's possible that BBA doesn't die specifically under incandescent
lighting, but dies when there's very little O2 content in the water, I
noticed my fish gasping at the surface and the BBA dieing within days. Even
though there was a Powerhead at about 47gph in the tank, I stuck it in the
middle of the tank and didn't have it ripple the water, just churn it
slightly and let surface scum grow. Little or no surface movement seems to
be the most common link between 3 tanks that BBA was 'annihilated' within 3
or 4 days.

While I have now changed conditions in my community tank, cut the co2, only
1.5 watts per gallon of light, and lots of surface movement, the BBA hasn't
completely died off, but it is no longer growing either, and some of the
other algaes are dieing off.. Has anyone had BBA in a tank with no surface
movement or low o2? I recently stuck red hair algae in a 5 gallon tank
without any movement and a 15watt flour light, and noticed the algae is
dieing but a little slower, however the plants haven't been affected. I
dosed plenty of nutrients in the 5 gallon tank such as iron and nitrate.

While low o2 or no surface movement might be the case, I can't rule out the
fact that phosphorus levels was the cause since I moved the algae out of my
community tank. But without a phosphorus test, I cant be abosolutly sure. I
dont have an Iron test either, but I do know I'm way overdosing in my 5
gallon tank. Since I do have fish flake food, I'll see if i can get BBA or
Red hair algae to grow in the 5 gallon tank with no movement.

- Matt