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Re: Plant tank, blue green out of control and M. ramerizi fry

> Hi Mike
> Go to this URL 
> http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/Algae/algae-randall.html. It
> tells you what it is but nothing is mentioned about the fry. 
> I have had the
> problem before  and just like you my angels that were not 
> breeding suddenly
> bred with the infestation of this stuff. I just scraped it 
> off and tended to
> the excess amounts of phosphate in my tank. Using the med is 
> the last thing
> to try. I always try and avoid using any med no matter how 
> harmless it is
> supposed to be.
> Turn off your lights in the room with the fish tank and then 
> clean the stuff
> off the glass etc. Rub the leaves where you can it comes off 
> quite easily.
> The dark calms the fish and this method has worked for me. 
> That is all I can
> tell you I am sure one of the other gurus here will give you 
> better advice.
> Regards
> Paul

Hi Mike,

Paul is right about physical removal, and you are right about nutrient
imbalance.  BGA (Blue Green Algae, actually a bacteria) tends to appear when
Nitrogen is the limiting macro-nutrient and Phosphorus in the form of
Phosphates are (usually) in excess.  To correct this situation, you would
want to supply N and also make sure that K (Potassium) and Mg (Magnesium)
are present.  By present, I mean that there is always some available to the
plants.  The biggest relationship (as I see it) is between N, P, and K.
Ultimately, you want to make sure that N and K are always available, and
that P is the most scarce.  In this scenario, algae including BGA will be
minimized if not eliminated.  Also, if done correctly (ie. no mega-dosing of
nutrients) there are no ramifications to the fish.  Check out the Sears and
Conlin paper at http://www.cam.org/~tomlins/algae.html .  They point this
all out, and it is a nice article to boot.  In the meantime, you can
physically rub off the BGA from your plants.  A thing to check is the P in
your tap water.  Sometimes that is a source you don't expect.  If you want,
you can email me off list, and I can give more of my experience.

Good luck,
Mark Pearlscott
pearlscottm at moslerinc_com