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Re: Plant tank, blue green out of control and M. ramerizi fry

Hi Mike

Go to this URL http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/Algae/algae-randall.html. It
tells you what it is but nothing is mentioned about the fry. I have had the
problem before  and just like you my angels that were not breeding suddenly
bred with the infestation of this stuff. I just scraped it off and tended to
the excess amounts of phosphate in my tank. Using the med is the last thing
to try. I always try and avoid using any med no matter how harmless it is
supposed to be.

Turn off your lights in the room with the fish tank and then clean the stuff
off the glass etc. Rub the leaves where you can it comes off quite easily.
The dark calms the fish and this method has worked for me. That is all I can
tell you I am sure one of the other gurus here will give you better advice.