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Plant tank, blue green out of control and M. ramerizi fry

I have a two fold problem. My tap water tripled in hardness a few months ago
since the county started using a new source, so I began using 50/50 tap and
distilled in my planted 54 gal. tank. Recently some plants began to become
pale and blue green algae began to appear (none for the previous 9 months I
have had the tank set up) pH is 6.8, temp is 82-83, flourite substrate with
laterite mix in bottom, 175 watt MH 5500K for 12 hours daily and co2
injection controlled by pinpoint controller. I believe, with help from the
list I had created a macro nutrient deficiency (nitrate 0, phosphate 0),
Ordered a lamotte nitrate kit and added nitrate of soda to bring level up to
5 ppm. Also ordered tropica master grow and began to dose 6 days ago. I have
a lamotte iron test kit on the way but I can never seem to get an iron
reading on any kit I have used unless it is immediately after dosing with
iron( Hagen kit, red sea kit) maybe the lamotte will be better. All the
while blue green  began to increase just as much before I added anything as
after. However, after the nitrate and Master grow plants began to do much
better. My blue rams have now spawned and as of this message the fry are
free swimming ( pair of rams, 5 ottos, 1 wood shrimp, and 1 farlowella are
all that is in tank oh and many fry now.) I don't want to disturb the rams
with manual removal of the blue green algae for fear of stressing them and
causing them to eat the fry, however the blue green has covered all plants
with a thin layer ( Riccia, bacopa, micanthamoides, glosso, ludwigia,
anubias, java fern and moss) What can I do to kill it out, I have thought
about erythromycin which I have read about on the list, and it might not
return if I have corrected the deficiency but is it safe for new fry? Or
should I wait a while and see if my plants can now out compete the
blue-green,  though as of now they are losing badly. I am very frustrated
because for so long the tank was beautiful and now it is a mess due to my
ignorance. Water quality must be good for the rams to breed so it must be a
lack of something instead of excess that caused this right? And one more
question, how long can plants like glossostigmata and riccia hang on with
this covering before they succumb. Especially the glosso since it took quite
a while to cover the bottom of the tank, I hate to lose it. Any help would
be appreciated more than you can know.
thank you,