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CO2 System for sale

Planters all,

I have found that I am happy with my low-tech tanks, and my plants 
grow too fast anyway,  so I am offering you one new-in-the- box 
Gomberg CO2 system: Includes these items:
Regulator (includes hose barb adapter)
Eheim reactor(sintered glass diffuser)  [includes check valve and 
bubble counter]
Eheim adaptor ;
Silicone hose (10')

No tank, but I will throw in an iron test kit  This system plus test 
kit costs $124.00 plus shipping.

Assembly insstructions and kit photo at <http://www.wcf.com/co2iron/>

This is a good system, but I too would add a needle valve.

It's yours for $100 plus shipping.
Postal money order only.
Please contact me off list ASAP.

John Caddy
Self Expressing Earth (SEE) <http://cgee.hamline.edu/see>
Center for Global Environmental Education
Hamline University