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Reinventing the CO2 Wheel (Hello James Purchase/Robert H./Don Duerte)e


I'm shopping around for high pressure CO2 system.  I have read most, if not 
all the stuff in the Krib and on Robert H.'s site.  Thanks all for the 

Robert H. and Don Duerte might like to know I got a $266 quote from my local 
Air Products rep for the Air Products General Purpose 2 stage regulator, 
E12-215.  I didn't ask about the other Air Product models than Don Duerte 
mentioned, but I plan to.

The Victor model numbers mentioned by Don appear to be obsolete.  They do 
not appear on the victorequip.com site.  The Victors that I found were:

SR253B-320 (single stage, medium duty)
VTS250B-320 (two stage, medium duty): I was quoted $200 for this by the same 
guy who quoted me the Air Products above
SR453D-320 (single stage, heavy duty)
VTS453D-320 (two stage, heavy duty)

These seem to correspond best with the Victors that Don mentioned.  The 
medium duty Victors may well be better suited for aquarium use because they 
have lower outlet pressure ranges, indicated by the letter in the middle of 
the model number.  B is 2-40 psig, while D is 5-125 psig.

The "ultimate" system may well be an Air Products regulator with a Nupro 
needle valve, but I fear that the price will be daunting.  I figure over 

I know James Purchase did a bunch of research and asked a bunch of questions 
a couple of years ago and went through what I going through now.  James, 
what did you ultimately end up buying?


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