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Re: A bit off-topic...

There could be other reasons.  I don't feel pH is the answer.  Fish will acclimate.  I have otos.  Mine would hide until I re-arranged the tank.  Now they are very visible.  

I would like to offer another web site as a resource.
www.tomgriffin.com.  This is a great site with message boards and a chat room.  There are very knowledgeable people at this site.  You can get answers or direction to questions within minutes.  There is also a link to  PG Tropicals, a great place to order supplies, fish or plants.  They also take special orders and in most cases give free shipping.

As for your catfish, if it were sick, I think it may have died by now. Unfortnately, I don't know much about pictus catfish.   

Just had to give my two cents.

Chicago Ridge, IL