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> Most recommendations I have seen are for 1
>tablespoon per 5 gallons (which brings the TDS to
>around 1400). I have mostly Java fern, Anubias and a
>few crypts. How much salt can these plants tolerate?


I've recently gotten into brackish tanks (as in the brackish fish are still
in quarantine (from each other that is.  Three different sources))  and in
my looking around it seems that java fern and anubias can handle quite a
bit of salt (i.e. up to 1.005 and beyond) if you take the time to acclimate
them.  The crypts might go in for a leaf swap.  I have kept all three with
nothos with that much salt without so much as a peep from any of them.
Also, the ambulia (stem plant) and amazon sword have done well.  The Mayaca
bit it right away, but I think that was because the algae choked it, rather
than the salt.

Any other suggestions for brackish plants,  BTW.  My list so far:

*Anubias barteri*, java fern, (Bolbitis?), amazon sword, a small rubin-like
sword I have sitting around, *Saggitaria subulata*, *Valisneria sp.*,
(*Crypto. willsi*.)  The ones in parentheses I'm going to try but I've
never seen them listed as plants that can handle 1.010.


Just my $0.02.

Doug Karpa Wilson

Department of Biology
Jordan Hall
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405