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Is E.bleheri so simple to keep?

Hi all,
I'm new to this list and from what I've seen here
are some real pro, so I hope my question won't
be difficult.
My tank is 25g, without fish, planted with Anubias nana, Ceratophyllum sp.,
Lagarosiphon madagascariensis (as far as I can tell) and a couple
of E. bleheri. I bought these Echinodorus bushes few weeks ago,
when the tank was relatively new. They immediately started growing
new leaves, which quickly lost their color and melted :(. Then I started to 
use commercial fertilizer (not containing nitrates or phosphates) 
which probably helped to stop the yellowing of older leaves. 
Two weeks ago I started to add KNO3 to the water along with the fertilizer 
(since there are no fish and therefore no source of macronutrients) and the
immediately brought out new leaves. The problem is that these new leaves
are very thin and longer about 1.5 times than the old ones. That is
when the other plants are doing fine, esp. Anubias and Ceratophyllum.
What can be missing, or what am I doing wrong to cause this deformation? 

P.S. the water in the tank is 21-22C, pH ~ 6,5 - 7.0 (swings a bit due
        to the yeast CO2 reactor :), dH 9-10, lighting level is around 0.4
W/l, 12 hours a day.