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Bacteria bloom hanging on

Thank you for your previous responses regarding my bacteria bloom.  I do
appreciate the help!  The bloom is still with me and I have a couple of
questions.  I have had this kind of thing before in "fish" setups but it
has always cleared up within a few days.  Maybe if I understood what
causes the bloom to be no more I could take appropriate corrective
measures.  Is the bloom fed by nutients available in the water column?
(decaying plant matter, fish waste, TMG, KNO3, etc.)  What part does
biological filtration play in the removal of the bacterial bloom?  Or
are both of the above factors that determine the life of the bloom?  If
biological filtration is all or part of the answer I would consider
adding a fluidized bed filter.  Relatively cheap for large filtraion
capacity.  Or is more time needed?  Setup date 12/1/00 - bloom became
serious 12/25/00 for company :-)

I put some Jobes sticks in the substrate and then moved plants possibly
(probably) pulling some of the fertilizer into the water column.  I used
Substrate Gold and red flint gravel.  Even as  I was putting it in I
wished I had used Flourite,  The big benefit of Flourite to me would be
being able to rearrange the tank without raising anything other than
mulm.  And I do like to play with things.  I found a good (it's all
relative) price on Flourite and have even considered tearing the tank
down to put in Flourite.  Probably to extreme to correct this problem.
Maybe I'm just looking for a excuse.

Thanks for any help!
Jay Reeves