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CO2 systems... Carbo Plus

Okay, I just looked at the Carbo-Plus system.  I would still suggest to go
get a CO2 cylinder instead.
Carbo-Plus pros (as I see them)
	Cool new gadget
	Small unit (easy to hide)
	Supposedly easy to handle refills
Carbo-Plus cons (as I see them)
	Refills every 4 months
	Possible need to replace Stainless Steel Block Holder ($50)
	Total higher running cost than a CO2 cylinder setup.
The initial setup cost of a full CO2 cylinder (my reference being a 20#
aluminum tank, as that is what I bought) with regulator, needle valve, hose
barb, etc. was about $150.  This will last a long time (a few years) on a
single 100 gallon aquarium, without needing a refill.  If the first
cartridge of the Carbo-Plus is included, the initial cost is the same.  But
it seems that actual running costs of the Carbo-Plus would continue to
accrue during it's usage.
I've had my cylinder setup for three years, and since the initial setup cost
(again, about $150), it has cost me $20 (for only one refill).  So
disregarding the startup cost, I figure it costs me about $7 per year to run
the CO2 on my 100gal.  Cheaper than yeast and sugar!  YMMV.

Mark Pearlscott